July 25, 2013

  • Attention Anonymous California Browser -Don’t Be Shy

    The last several weeks I’ve been conducting an experiment of sorts…

    There’s an “anonymous” user from California that is apparently interested in reading my blogs, but only wishes to remain anonymous. No comments are left, but I can see blog after blog and different pages are being casually browsed or read.

    When I turn sign in lock on, activity stops. When sign on lock is off, first browsing is slow (as they discover they can access it anonymously), then picks up the pace as they start reading more blogs systematically and running searches of key words and well as going through archived material looking through older material.

    I can tell the difference between a “robot” search and a “human” search. =)

    I typically run an open blog that’s open to anyone to see, but there’s a difference between someone casually clicking on your blog and reading the current entry and perhaps some linked entries, as opposed to someone clicking blog after blog after blog, searching for blogs via tag words and going back to read past blogs in archives.


    So to the person really “interested” in my blogs….

    While I don’t really mind anyone looking at my current blogs as I write them, if you’re going to to keep going past a few days, multiple link clicks, run searches, or go though the archives for dated material, you really should identify yourself and say “Hi!” and leave a comment or two. Otherwise it comes across as “stalking” with a mixture of being rude/creepy- especially when the behavior is repeated over and over when I turn off sign in lock.

    After all, blogs are not general “public libraries” – it’s a person sharing their thoughts – so if you find something interesting share your thoughts on that subject as well, or at least give out a greeting. =)


    Don’t be shy – say “Hi!”


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