July 31, 2013

  • And Here Comes the “Hail Mary” – Xanga Finally Chimes In on Pledge on the Last Day

    We finally heard from the XangaTeam, notably CEO John, on the last day of the scheduled pledge:



    They waited until the last day to give us an update. whatevah I suppose it could have been worse – they could have waited until late in the evening or perhaps a few minutes before midnight to make things ultra dramatic…


    When we hit the 2 days to go mark, I listed the following possibilities for the XangaTeam:


    1) Another “last minute” extension of the deadline, which is July 31st.

    2) “Hail Mary” last minute donor stepping in during the next two days to fill the gap.

    3) Xanga unceremoniously pulls the plug after not meeting the pledge drive goal and sites are inaccessible on August 1.


    As it turns out, they combined options 1 and 2 with a modification thrown in:


    1) The deadline has been extended to Aug 31st.

    2) Xanga (ie, John) has revealed itself as the “Super Donor” and is going to contribute $10,000 to the campaign.

    3) Since Xanga is pledging $10K, they are going to lower the Pledge threshold to $50K, so when the meter hits $50K, the goal will be met – that’s about $2k away.


    Since we have August to make ~$2K, it should be obvious to all that Xanga 2.0 is now basically guaranteed to be a go.


    One more piece of important info – they will now be moving the blogs of ALL donors, not just those who pledged $48 or higher. So if you want your blog to be transferred and you were never a premium user, any donation will now get your blog transferred.


    Here’s is the bottom line info again:

    1) John from Xanga has announced he is going to contribute the last $10K of the pledge amount.

    2) Because of this the pledge goal is now going to be set at $50K, and we are near $48K now.

    3) The deadline has been extended through August to give them time to complete migration.

    4) For non premium members of past or present – a donation of any amount will now get your blog transferred over.

    5) With the pledge goal now reduced to just ~$2K, for all intent and purposes, Xanga 2.0 is destined to become a reality



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  • isn’t that interesting.  thanks for the news.

  • Such a relief. Feel better with my backup account, but so glad for the extra time!! I need to donate something now.

  • Wait a minute, so donating $1 gets you $48 worth of the 1st year of Xanga 2?

  • In my opinion they lost credibility with this action.

  • Best news I’ve heard all week. Thankyou. 

  • Coool. Thank you for being news barer! I convinced Won to pay for meee so I can keep blogging. 

  • *sigh* thank you for clearing things up.  i feel so much better now.

  • @coolmonkey - i think donating a dolla is just that, donating a dolla but its the same amount as if you donated 48 or in the hundreds like what it says on the crowdhoster site and donating a dolla will get you onto the new site…i think.whatever, i like what SoullFire wrote because hes clearer about it.  i dont have time to decipher codes lol

  • you’re right. there was a signal I missed. blog has been edited.  but in terms of what I said to him… let’s just say that I used the word “angel.” believe me, it could’ve been more obvious, but I wanted to say things that I would not regret. if I had flirted more, I might’ve looked like a fool. here’s to hoping for Xanga!

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