August 29, 2013

  • Today is the Final Day of Xanga 1.0: Site Going Down at 12AM EST

    Xanga 1.0 Closes Today 8-29 at Midnight EST



    The “goalposts” have been moved yet again, but this time- SURPRISE- the schedule is moving up slightly.


    Rather than waiting until after August 31 as previously stated to move over to Xanga 2.0, they are shutting down “1.0″ tonight at midnight EST.


    If you haven’t backed up/archived your stuff, the clock is ticking!


    Some other interesting info from the global update today is that they will only be doing direct blog transfers for CURRENT premium members and those who have pledged for new memberships.


    Remember the older info that ALL past/present premium blogs would be migrated over along with as many “TRUE” accounts as they could as well?

    Erase that.



    Here are the NEW CHANGES:

    Accounts that have been active in the last 5 years have been “ARCHIVED” and will be “available” IF the user has pledged to pay $48 or more for Xanga “blogging rights”.


    This means that the only blogs that will be visible come “2.0″ will be just current premium members and those paying $48 to blog. It’s gonna get real “cozy” and exclusive in the new version.


    Fare thee well Xanga 1.0…

     Xanga 1.0 Closes Today 8-29 at Midnight EST



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  • How much you want to bet they change their minds again and give us September?

  • I’m surprised you didn’t pledge and stay with xanga. For some reason I thought you did this whole time. I’ll still be on here :)

  • @summereque - ”1.0″ had a good run…I guess we’ll see what’s in store…

    @coolmonkey - I’d rather take odds on if they will be coming back up…haha. That might take them into deep September….

    @youngvan - I don’t agree with their business model with all the other free blogging sites. I have updated to premium, so my blog account should x-fer and still work on “2.0″ for a few more months which means I can check out the new features. If I understand correctly, once they upgrade, you should be able to easily connect with other WordPress accounts that aren’t part of Xanga. We will soon find out! :)

  • =*( see you on the other side (WP).

  • I’m curious to see how it turns out.

  • sad but there comes a time to cut ties. peace out xanga. have a good life

  • ll i forgot to back up. LOL :( i moved to tumblr.

  • jeithewanderlust

  • are you coming to Xanga 2.0?

    • The lack of features, former subs and functionality doesn’t inspire me to blog here. Hopefully they will be able to come up to speed before too long.

  • I am not sure if you saw my response to you about my user id. My user id shows the underscore like it always has. I even checked my profile. I don’t know how or where the dash is seen in my name. I would appreciate if you could let me know what I should do.


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