November 30, 2013

  • “Unofficial” Xanga Update

    Since Edlives has been gracious enough to provide several non official updates because the XanaTeam is “behind the scenes working on issues”, I’d thought the least I can do is offer one as well…


    It’s been 3 months now since the original Xanga site closed and was replaced with the “new” version. The site has been without a “frontpage” or any group meeting area for that whole period. For a social site that “claimed” it’s focus was on “community”, this is a very disappointing situation.

    A check of what’s working:

    Much of basic WordPress features and functionality is still inoperable such as real time comment notification or search tools to find other active users.

    What updates have we received from “The XangaTeam” in the last three months?

    Let’s check….


    1) Front page updates?

    Nope. The Xanga Splash/Front page ( hasn’t been updated since the first week of the shutdown.



    2) Facebook updates?



    Nope. No updates since September 9.


    3) Twitter?


    Nope – also no updates since September 9.


    So no updates for months, and many features still out of commission.


    There is however, one feature that IS working- the subscription expiration counter- as in, all current paid members are being billed as having access to a fully functional working system and will be required to pay up to renew when your subscribed time runs out.

    Folks are currently getting booted when their subscription time expires….


    There have already been cases where current subscribed Xangans with less than a year of premium membership remaining from the old site have been notified that their subscription is expiring, or have been already reduced to “reader status” only.

    Does this seem fair and reasonable to you? To charge people access time for a site at the current level of operation?

    Those who have paid for what was promised “A superior alternative to basic WordPress”, need to let their voices be heard to Xanga management immediately- that is,  if you can locate them.

    Meanwhile, EdLives claims that it’s mostly up to you to make things better – that Xanga is counting on YOU to be the force of change.  Does that seem reasonable?

    Those who bought full year and multi-year memberships – how long will you continue to sit back and accept what’s being served out? At the very least you should tell them to freeze the “subscription clock” until you get a sufficiently functioning system.




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  • It’s been evident from the start of this whole mess that the Xanga Team does not care whatsoever about the members. I suspect that they are just waiting for everyone’s subscriptions to expire and then they’ll vanish into the night with their $50,000.

  • Yea…. :( I feel like I just paid for wordpress and not xanga.

  • I’m so pissed. I lost all of my blog posts. Forever.


    • You should be able to download the archive of your past blogs, and re-import them to Blogspot or WordPress.

  • I hate it lol. I dont know where to blog ;(.
    Hope u doing well :)

  • thanks for the update.

    No one even posts. I just went through 2 months of posts and everyone is gone.

    i think the goal was always to hit it and quit it. Highway robbery.

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