February 27, 2014

  • This May Be My Last “Xanga 2.0″ Post

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    My premium account is set to expire and with that, my ability to post or make any update to my Xanga account.

    I’ve put in a request to have all accounts expiration times frozen while Xanga is in a transition state.

    In my opinion, it makes no sense to have people’s accounts expire while Xanga is only semi functional to the point where standard free WordPress accounts have much more features and ease of use.  To have folks accounts expire now means people would have to submit payments to renew their account- and what would be the motivation to renew an account in this current state?

    The benefits of keeping all current accounts active is that it gives folks at least the opportunity to see the finished state of Xanga when that happens so they can make an educated choice of if the new version is worth paying for. It also gives Xanga a set of “beta testers” while they make improvements to bring the site up to speed.

    Assuming that this is my last post-

    I’ve posted it before, but it doesn’t hut to do it again – my updated blogging site is on standard WordPress:



    I’ll be posting my investing/trading/etc… thoughts and actions there.


    I’ve also posted a suggestion there on how to make standard WordPress more “Xanga-like” (old Xanga) while Xanga is rebuilding during the transition phase:



    Standard WordPress has more features working now which makes it easier to form a community at this time.


     I hope that Xanga does the right thing and keeps current accounts active, but if they don’t, remember free WordPress remains a good alternative.



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