August 23, 2013

  • Has Anyone Received an Email From Xanga Yet Regarding Blog Transfer?

    I think I already know the answer, but here’s the question-


    On July 31, Xanga updated and announced they would be mailing notifications “imminently” to folks who contributed to the pledge drive with multiple blogs for them to select which blog(s) they wanted moved over to the new version.


    “We have also successfully imported the blogs of all of our current premium users… and are now working on importing the blog posts of people who have pledged to support our fundraiser.  (If you haven’t gotten an email already asking about which accounts you’d like to migrate over, you should be getting one very shortly!)”


    I haven’t heard of anyone having yet received any notification yet, and there is basically just a week left before the end of the month and the supposed “last day” of Xanga 1.0 before they upgrade to the new version.


    There have been no additional updates so……..


    Has anyone received an email from Xanga yet?

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  • Nope. And I pledged. I have no way of making sure they are going to transfer my current blog over and not my SUPER old one. 

  • sounds like a bad marriage

  • I haven’t and I was among the first to pledge.

  • @buddy71 - Oh man! You guys just keep getting screwed over. LOL!

  • I didn’t pledge, but they emailed me a couple weeks ago saying that my blog is going over and that they’ll be sending me a free xanga t-shirt and John’s new book “How to Run a Consumer Friendly Social Network”. All for free too. I dunno about you guys, but I’m pretty happy.

  • I hadn’t read that, but I have been asking Xanga that very pointed question since J-U-N-E with no answers.  From the June 18th update on through I have posted many questions regarding the future here and what the transference will entail… and also how to access side project Xanga accounts that I have long since lost passwords / email accounts attached to.   To date they’ve answered a few questions, even named me by name because of how much of a pest I’d become with asking them, but those precious few CRUCIAL questions (such as alternative accounts, what happens if we already have a WordPress account under the same name as here, etc.) have been largely ignored.Can’t they assign someone… one person… to keep us up to date with what’s going on?

  • Does this explain why an unknown keeps popping up on my blog (when my blog is totally friends-lock)? 

  • Nothing here.  No book, no t-shirt, no jokes, no nothing.  

  • I was wondering the same thing.  I did a little digging, and on the fundraiser page, it says “(Edit: we’ve gotten an extension on our networking lease and are extending Xanga 1.0 into August as we wrap up work on Xanga 2.0.)”The latest on the Xanga Twitter feed and Facebook account says…”So far we are still on track for Xanga 2.0 to launch at the end of this month – August. We advise that if you haven’t already, please archive your account – More information is on the way, please stay tuned.” – The Xanga TeamI’m guessing they won’t start charging people until the new site actually goes live.  It won’t make sense to charge people for a service they don’t have access to yet.

  • I have received no email either and they have charged my card. In the Dark!

  • I haven’t got anything either

  • Wake up and smell the roses. I donated, then talked about the circumstances to my financial istitution.(after Xanga would not answer me) Still not one word from Xanga to this day, but they did check my account to make sure the money was there. My financial Institution said they would advise that I cancelled my card, because the actions taken were a common activity used by scam artists to clean accounts out. They said once I’d given them (Xanga) my information. the bank couldn’t stop it from going through. SO I did just that, I cancelled the card, and cured the problem. Let’s see Xanga do something FIRST FOR ONCE. Prove themselves honorable and honest. Maybe then once they prove their word good, I may choose to pay for my site AGAIN, but I already paid for a LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION. It’s their turn.

  • I don’t remember if they did or did not but I did save my blog and I am happy about that….if you are looking to transfer your blog and are interested in transferring it to facebook…which I am going to do once I get out of the hospital……here is website that can do it for you… let me know if it works because I have not tried it yet. good luck

  • I haven’t received any thing, no news at all. But I know that my credit card was charged for the contribution I made. I don’t know how long it will be before we hear.

  • Last time I checked my email there was nothing from Xanga. Yes – I did pledge and it was for 2 different sites and I need them to get the sites right! They have charged my card. The Xanga team is a big fail in communication. I don’t care about the team one way or another. It is Xanga as a whole and the community I once had here (most jumped ship at the price of 2.0) that I care about. That and the reason I am here in the first place. I’m very disappointed in their lack of communication. We all know it only take 5 minutes to spout out an update post on what is gong on. They should have been doing that once or twice a week. Ha. I used this question to vent. peace

  • Do you really expect an email?  Do you know the cost of sending an email–it’s incredible!  Xanga will have to have another fundraiser if it starts sending emails.  Get real!

  • They got their $50,000.  If they do send an email, it will be:  ”So long, suckers! Bwahahaha!”

  • I got an email yesterday :)  Asking which blog I wanted transferred over :) Done and done!

  • I never received any communication from Xanga. Since I am no premium member nor pledger, I will be left in the rain, but even that is just guess work.Judging from my quiet feed, however, most people seem to have left Xanga anyway.

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