August 8, 2013

  • We Now Have a “Preview” of Xanga 2.0

    A quick check on Xanga’s contribution page shows that they have exceeded the pledge goal of $50K (modified) which means “Xanga 2.0″ will be a reality. As a matter of fact since they once again extended the “deadline” (can we really call it a “deadline” if it keeps moving further out?), people are still contributing – pushing the amount pledged in excess of $50K.

    Now that “2.0″ is a done deal, all that remains is the actual eventual transition to the new version, at which point non paying “1.0″ users will be cut off leaving only paying “2.0″ users. As such this will be my final critique on the matter (on “Xanga”, that is, haha cool) – since it’s really the “2.0″ folks who should be voicing their opinions going forward.

    For those new or nostalgic for my past “observations” about this entire campaign, here they are:

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    I have to say that waiting until the last day (July 31st) to inform the community on what was to become of Xanga was another horrible decision and the height of disrespect and disregard for the needs of the users. Why would they do this? Well, if you think like an engineer and not a marketer, you’ll probably conclude that by waiting until the last day before saying anything, you’ll get the maximum amount of people pledging by the deadline – thinking they will hold back if they knew they had more time. That’s likely true, and worked as expected.

    However, from a marketing and “trust” perspective to the community, what was the cost? Answer- continued erosion of trust of the community towards the XangaTeam and another great loss of net traffic. By maintaining an information blackout from July 8th until July 31, the deadline, the XangaTeam forced EVERYONE including those most loyal and faithful – those that already paid to blog on “Xanga 2.0″, to make back up plans by selecting/moving to an alternative blogging site just in case the pledge drive was unsuccessful. Driving your best customers into the arms of your competitors is never a good idea. wtf

    I saw many blogs of people stressed out, very upset, and/or in tears of the thought that Xanga was in its final days. Was the extra money that important to put the most devoted folks through the wringer like that?

    The excuse received was that they were busy, and finally “came up for air”. The Xanga volunteer “spokesman” said it was a continued communication “issue”, but it’s clearly more than that.

    We are not children, so lets get real, shall we? There is truly no reasonable excuse not to give the community any updates until the very last day. The “too busy” excuse is an insult to everyone’s intelligence.

    Here are all the updates we got on July 31st:

    1) Pledge drive to be reduced to $50K since John was pledging $10K

    2) Deadline moved to August 31st due to an agreed extension of the current lease


    In order to justify waiting until July 31st to update the community, the ideas of trying to extend the lease to move the deadline and making a “big donor” pledge, would have had to just come to life on July 30th, and then good fortune smiled on them as they were able to resolve those issues and update us the next day. whatevah

    Here are some quick and dirty updates that could have been easily sent out:

    1) We are still on track to delivering “Xanga 2.0″.

    2) John is contemplating making a big donation at the end to help out.

    3) We are trying to get a lease extension so we can move the deadline back.


    Each of those updates only took seconds to write and would have been great stress relievers to those worrying about Xanga’s final fate. Instead, nothing was sent out and folks were left to make their own conclusions.

    To me, this seems more of a lack of trust between the XangaTeam towards the community- as in they don’t trust us to be responsible with information. I’m willing to bet that they held back saying anything because they thought people would use it as an opportunity to delay pledging, not trusting the community as a whole to keep trying as hard to raise funds if they knew they had more time.

    The end result was they may have extracted a bit more money than they would have by including updates, but in my opinion, they lost a lot more in community respect as well as community members themselves. Figuring the end was near, many folks have moved on to other blog sites and have no interest in returning.

    Something also happened this time that was a big paradigm shift, but not that surprising when you think about it – I’m now seeing formerly gung-ho super devoted users that were psyched for “Xanga 2.0″ now becoming ambivalent about whether they even want to stay. I see users expressing buyers remorse over having paid for more memberships in advance. What does it mean when the most loyal and hardworking volunteers for Xanga no longer seem to care?

    While we never received the official “mock up” version of new version as promised, we do have a preview of sorts of what “Xanga 2.0″ will be like in terms of net traffic and remaining community. Just viewing your personal page or “Top Blogs” makes it all too clear of how much this place has slowed down.

    You see, when there are no further updates and a site closing deadline gets close at hand, a mass exodus tends to happen, and just giving an “all clear” signal at the last possible moment won’t magically get people to return.

    And just think – the current community has both future “2.0′ers” and remaining “1.0′ers”. How much quieter will it be when all the remaining 1.0 folks are gone?


    Without having at a minimum a free trial for ALL community members, Xanga has ensured the loss of their greatest asset, the built up community base as potential conversion customers. Creating a free trial after the fact of moving to the new version is really too late as those who would have been interested have moved on and won’t likely be returning now that they’ve already relocated.
    So Xanga will have to basically start from scratch, like a start up company rather than one of veteran status.


    I’m now passing the baton over to official “Paying Xanga 2.0 users” – they will have to be the ones to convince Xanga of the benefits of having some level of free blogging, and that they won’t feel cheated if Xanga changes plans with a free trial or free blogging announcement prior to the big move.

    In my opinion, the last best chance of pulling in current “1.0″ users is to announce a free trial or free blogging NOW before the switch. Afterwards, it will be much harder after the last remaining “1.0″ people have left.

    Good luck “Xanga 2.0ers” – it’s your future now – make it count.







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  • I am also done with Xanga. Ever since the announcement of th original deadline, my feed has dried up. Now, I can see tumbleweed rolling by. I wonder who will left in Xanga 2.0?

  • @beowulf222 - “. I wonder who will left in Xanga 2.0?” And not a small number of those folks are beginning to second guess their decisions. 

  • It’s sad once you realize that the Xanga Team won’t even read your blog or mine.  They are stuck in their tunnel vision if xanga 2 and I’ll bet you they aren’t even going to use it themselves.

  • @SoullFire - I’m glad some Xangans are waking up and getting a clue. 

  • @coolmonkey - I don’t think they’ll be able to ignore the extreme drop in traffic- they’ll think their servers have died or are malfunctioning. I can’t wait to see how they are going to officially “advertise” the new version. @RealistMe - It’s hard not to wake up after the abuse they are receiving. You know it’s bad when some of the true believers are losing faith.

  • @SoullFire - Well, some of those same true believers made disparaging remarks toward us and labeled us “vocal naysayers,” told us to get off Xanga, etc. Therefore, some sanctimonious Xangans are getting just what they deserve. I only feel bad for those, who were guilted into paying for Xanga 2.0 and those, who wasted perfectly good money buying into The Xanga Team’s hysteria, that they caused.

  • In xanga time 2.0 should be ready by mid 2014.

  • I agree with your observation that the actions were more from an engineering perspective rather than a marketing reality.  Xanga Marketing has always been a weak point.The current Xanga demographic requires marketing to make it work and if the “Team” continues to ignore this, well…..The intentional action by the TEAM of ignoring LIFE subscribers questions and blogs, a known group of previous contributors and their failure to even acknowledge their inquiries, was/is a serious marketing error. As part of that group, I have yet to receive one e-mail from Xanga addressing LIFE memberships and their transition plan, or a solicitation to donate again to keep the community going. The ostrich approach to former donors is insanity.

  • The XangaTeam has been beyond caring since they made their fortune back in the early days of Xanga. The Xanga 2.0 roll out was worked out and paid for long ago.The XangaTeam will laugh at all the stupid idiots they conned into handing them 10′s of thousands of dollars as they guzzle fancy drinks and nosh gourmet food at a fancy vacation spot paid for by the largess of fools.Xanga will go down in cyber history as the greatest gathering of village idiots in human history.

  • You are so right. I will not be a 2.0. It is taking a bit of getting used to, but WP will be my future home. I will be monitoring Xanga as a reader and posting on WP. See you there!

  •          are we in 2.0?what – xangaga nonsense

  • @twilike - That sounds about right. @JohnsProvoking - The information about what will happen to Life memberships came out in drips and drabs over informal communications rather than standard updates. First, all they said was that Life members would be discontinued and would have to pay, but they would received some type of “benefit” in 2.0. New Life memberships would be prorated at -$25/yr so memberships 4 years old would get no credits, 3 years old would get $25, 2 years old, $50, and 1 year old, $75. Much later on they said Life members would have their sub rate remain at current rates today of $25/yr. The make it so you have to be Sherlock Holmes to find all the info. They never sent out a mass message requesting donations- not tapping into their existing base is true insanity. There are folks now who have no idea whats going on.@ImNotUglyIJustNeedLove - That would be quite rude, but who knows since we’ll never see an accounting of where the funds went. Xanga’s attitude of being so nonchalant certainly makes it look like money wasn’t a main concern.

  • @thirtythousanddays - Many folks have migrated to WP and other sites and it certainly shows – feels like a ghost town here…@Hunt4Truth - Nonsense eh? I guess you expect there will suddenly be a “beehive” of activity all the relocated people to “magically” return and decide to pay what Xanga is asking for? Take a good look around and look at how many people are left. Then subtract the folks who are still here but are “1.0′ers” and won’t be here for “2.0″. If you think net traffic is going anywhere but down, now that is xangaga nonsense. You must be quite the optimist.

  • @SoullFire - The XangaTeam issued itself an End of Xanga bonus of over $40,000 paid for a bunch of naive suckers.They even had an autistic gentleman pour his guts out shilling for them.And it was clear that Xanga was nothing but a rotting carcass when Mr. Xanga himself (TheologiansCafe) departed like a scurrying rat leaving a sinking ship. I’m sorry, but to people who understand human nature, what the XangaTeam did was totally obvious from the very beginning.

  • I’m glad I didn’t end up giving them money. It’s been easy enough to find most of my friends here in another place and I’ve moved to wordpress without many qualms.

  • thanks for the information!

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